English in Spain – a shift in perspective

I recently read a very interesting article on English in the school system, at the workplace and the cultural attitude towards English in Spain. The article, published by Education First (http://www.ef.co.uk/epi/europe/spain/ ), will strike a chord with anyone who has taught English in Spain, as well as anyone who is serious about learning English or putting real English training programs into place in Spain.

At Kleinson we have always suspected that English, and language learning in general, is seen as a social benefit rather than a necessity. This article, however, goes beyond that argument claiming that although English is seen as a «requirement for the future», it seen as a chore – an attitude that , we believe, does much more harm to the process of learning than anything else.

Maybe the answer lies in simply changing the attitude from English as a chore, to English as an accomplishment. Easier said than done, you say? Maybe not.. it just requires a shift in perspective – a shift that costs you nothing but that can lead to everything.


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