Read the dialogue and think about how to handle this situation.

Ana has a meeting with her manager, she needs to finish an
important project this week, but she also needs to translate an
instruction manual into Spanish, and both projects together is
too much. Read the dialogue below:
Ana: Good morning Chris, thank you for taking some time
to discuss my workload.
Chris: Yes, Ana, it’s quite clear your workload is over the top
this week. How can I help you?
Ana: Well, remember I’m supposed to train the new intern
this week? It would be very helpful if she could be
trained by a colleague this week.
Chris: Consider it done; I will see to it that Maggy trains her
this week.
Ana: Great, next, I promised to take minutes of our weekly
team meeting;it would help if I could skip that too.
Chris: Yes, I will ask the intern to do it, it’ll be good training
for her. Is there something else?
Ana: Actually, yes there is… It would also help a lot if the
deadline for the translation could be moved to next
Chris: I’m sorry, but that’s not possible, this translation is
too important. And you also told me you wanted to
leave early on Thursday afternoon, right?
Ana: Yes, actually I do. I need to go to the hair dresser.
Chris: Is it possible to do that on Saturday? I can’t give you
help and let you have the afternoon off as well…..
Ana: I realize that, it’s just that I have a very important
event on Thursday evening. If you could move the
deadline to Monday, I could work over the weekend.

Chris: I’m sorry, that’s just not possible. Let’s continue this
conversation on Thursday morning. If you show me
how far you are with both projects, we can see if you
can take the afternoon off.
Ana: Ok, Chris, I agree with you. Thank you for your help
and see you Thursday morning.

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