Read the dialogue and think about how to handle this situation.

Speaker: Hello and welcome to the Golden Sunrise hotel.
Student: Hello. I would like to check in.
Speaker: Certainly, Sir.Do you have a reservation?
Student: Yes, I do. It’s under the name de Bruin
Speaker: Could you spell that please?
Student: Certainly, it is spelt d-e-b-r-u-i-n
Speaker: Ah yes, here it is. I see you have stayed with us before.
Student: Yes, I have stayed several times.
Speaker: How long are you staying with us, Mr de Bruin
Student: I’m staying for the week and checking out on Sunday.
Speaker: Ah very nice. I read the weather is meant to be very pleasant this week.
Student: Unfortunately, I’m only here on business.
Speaker: Ah, perhaps another time then. May I ask what type of room you would like?
Student: Yes. I would like a room with a double bed and a view of the park.
Speaker: Certainly. We have a room available with a balcony.
Student: That will suit perfectly.
Speaker: How would you like to pay for your stay?
Student: I will use my credit card. Also, I would like any of my hotel expenses charged to the same card.
Speaker: I will organise that now for you Mr de Bruin Ok, here is your room key. It’s room number 405 on
the fourth floor to the left as you come out of the elevator. Our gym and swimming pool are on the seventh floor and our restaurant is on the top floor with our roof top garden. If you have any problems, just give us a call.
Student: Ok, thank you very much.
Speaker: Have a nice stay with us. Goodbye
Student: Goodbye.

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